Shutter Bug


I’m loving the online photography 101 course I’m taking right now. Click here for more info. Sure, I’m annoying my kids by constantly brandishing a telephoto lens in their faces all day long in the name of “homework” and sure, they ‘re sick of my forcing them to recreate spontaneous moments, hit marks, hold still while I adjust the white balance, wait, hold still just a minute longer while I adjust the f-stop…wait, now the shutter speed…Hey! I said, HOLD STILL!! And well, generally just my sucking all the fun out of things like playing in the snow….

But I’m getting some great shots.

I imagine the fun sucking will lessen as I practice more and more and get better at it. I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to make all these adjustments quickly and painlessly so I can capture their moments with perfect exposure and composition, thus giving them the ultimate gift of a well preserved childhood.

But in the meantime, maybe I should practice with still lifes. After all, bowls of fruit don’t stomp inside the house complaining that they’re cold right when the lighting gets perfect.

But bowls of fruit don’t make me melt like they do either…




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  1. I am loving your photography ! I am so happy for you that Paul had the forsite to get you a a camara for your gift ! You are doing a wonderful job. Your mom sent me the one you took of Kate….classic beauty !

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