My name is Margaret. I’m the wife of an entrepreneur (read: rollercoaster ride) and the mother of four energetic kids with imaginations to boot. They never leave me wishing for good blog fodder, that’s for sure. I’m just hoping to capture these days and these moments, in my own voice, for them. But if the posts make you smile too, all the better. Welcome to our jar of jams and pickles.


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  1. Dear Lady Margaret:

    What a wonderful, intelligent, funny, creative, thoughtful woman you have grown into!! I remember so well you love of high topped tennis shoes, home made ‘jams’ and your pink play tent your mom made for you one Christmas. I love reading your blog about all the goings on for your family. Much love, ‘Aunt Mindy’

  2. Margaret Jane,
    What a delight to get tuned in and turned on to “Jams and Pickles.” Your family is darling and your writing makes me smile (and laugh out loud!) I can hear your voice/inflection… which makes it even better!
    Great job Madge! Proud of you. Where can we get you a syndicated column? Seriously.
    Great to see you (for a second) at the wedding. Thanks for coming.

  3. Dear Lady Margaret,
    I ran across your blog from Meridian Magazine. I must say I enjoy your writing style, and thought you might enjoy another blog that is written by a friend of mine. Just like you, she has witty insights taken from everyday living. The blog is I especially like her post on her daughter, on Dec 8th, titled “Why This Girl Amazes Me”. Hope you’ll give it a read.
    Thanks for sharing your gift of writing!

  4. Margaret, Concerning the no white sugar diet. There is a wonderful product
    with zero calories and no harsh chemicals. It is call Stevia. I get Stevia in the
    raw at the grocery. A green box with 80 packets, or Trader Joe’s has the highly
    concentrated version complete with teeny, tiny spoon. No chemical after taste
    as it is brewed from a plant (like tea) Great for Diabetics too.


  5. Hi Margaret,
    Sorry to contact you through comments, but I couldn’t find another way. I have a new website I am an electrical engineer/stay at home mom, who is trying to enable mothers to share about their interests and passions online while reaping the revenue that can come from advertising on their articles. I provide pictures and an easy article submission platform. I enjoy your writing style and have two requests of you.

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  6. hi! I saw an article online you wrote about building your own lego you happen to know which ikea table & bins you used for this project?

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