So close to NYT Bestseller list!


Our book, “Motherhood Realized” is rapidly climbing up the charts! It is rated #1 one on Amazon under the subject of motherhood, and has climbed to #111 all around book on Amazon! That’s huge! We are within shouting distance of making the New York Times best seller list and we only have until this Saturday to make the list! If we do, our grassroots efforts will have paid off and the world will get to read something really uplifting and really powerful about motherhood. A force for good! 

So if you have thought about eventually buying the book, can I plead with you to buy it on Amazon today? I bought multiple copies for baby shower gifts and for mother’s day presents for dear women I admire in my community. Go ahead and read the over 100 5 star reviews. It is worth every penny of your $12.

Click HERE!!

Thanks so much for your help in getting this book out to every mother who could use some encouragement,



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