Not stranded at the drive-in


If you’ll recall one of our Summer Bucket List items was to have a Driveway Drive-In movie night–you know, project a movie up on our garage door and watch it from the comfort of our camping chairs. Well, what a better night to do it than on our little Dean’s August birthday! (FYI he’s four now and officially “a big kid” so he can stay up late watching movies on the garage as opposed to baby Jane who had to sleep in her crib during the entire party.)

If anyone else has an August/September birthday and is searching for party ideas, I’d highly recommend the Driveway Drive-In. We threw up some Christmas lights, bought loads of concessions, dusted off the beach chairs and tossed out some cozy quilts and we were in business. And clean up was just 10 minutes with a push broom. The birthday boy chose “Chicken Little” for the movie and I think everyone had a nice time.

The party’s personal touch was the 3 minute movie/slideshow I made on iMovie using Dean’s old pictures and home videos as sort of preview or B-movie before our featured presentation. I had to return “Chicken Little” to Blockbuster, but I’ll have this darling 3 minute treasure forever. I won’t post it here, but if you want to see it, comment and I’ll send you the private link to it.

Yes, all of our friends and neighbors were able sit down, relax, and bask in the twilight’s summer breeze. In fact, Dean found the whole activity so soothing, we found him completely zonked out, curled up like a puppy on a pillow when the ending credits rolled.

Maybe four isn’t so big after all.

I’m glad.



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  1. Love to see it! I really enjoy your posts especially since my 5 are 14-27 and are busy with their own
    activities. Takes much more to align schedules now with 3 of us in University, 1 in college, 1 in High School and one working in Toronto. Just got back from a ward family camp at the Thomas S. Monson camp in Northern Ontario-otters,a porcupine, a blue heron, beavers, loons, racoons, salamanders and frogs to name a few of the animals. Plus canoeing and kayaking, swimming, a water trampoline and a beautiful lakefront. So fun with other people’s little ones!

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