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A CLOSED sign for the TV. Best two dollar investment ever. Why are official looking signs so much more intimidating than my “firm mommy” voice?


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  1. Haha! What a brilliant idea! Just might have to get one of those for our TV. By the way, I’m from Brisbane, Australia and I’ve been following your blog for close to 2 years now. Your posts always make my day xo

    • Wow, Australia! I’ve never been to Australia. Definitely on my bucket list. So flattered you’ve been reading the blog this whole time! You’ve made my day! And how fun to think I’ve gone “international”–ha! Thanks for brightening my morning. XO–Margaret

  2. Hey, Margaret, it’s Holly. I just “re-discovered” your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all the new posts. What a funny, insightful, and talented writer you are! And you’re a natural at photography–I bet Carol just loved her anniversary present; those portraits are fantastic. (P.S. I’ll be “pinning” this latest post for sure–I know several screens in our house that could use a CLOSED sign. . .)

    • yes, the sign is a life-saver! thanks for the kind words. I still check in now and then to cake wrecks–too funny! I also love catalog living…I’m crying laughing just thinking about it.

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