One in the Sun


“We did it, honey! We did it!!”  I exclaimed as I snatched Baby Jane out of her crib and twirled her around. It was the morning of her first birthday.

I’m not sure for which of us it’s the greater milestone. That first year is a doozy. An entire 365 sleep deprived, anxiety ridden, is-she-breathing-now-what-about-now-now? days. (Wait. It was a leap year. Make that 366.) It’s an irrational fears roller coaster highlighted by bouts of indescribable joy–enough to cause heart palpitations and motion sickness in anybody, but thrilling enough to make you want to get in line again. I really do feel like I’ve just gotten off a roller coaster. There should be a large sign as you exit the maternity ward: You must be this tall. The next 365 (or 366) days may be wrought with fast speeds, jarring turns and heart dropping moments. If you have a heart condition, back or neck problems, or may be pregnant, please be advised. Well, at least we could check that last little item off that list.

But we made it. We’ve gone from a helpless infant+my-milk-just-came-in weeping mommy odd couple, to a happy baby+maybe-just-one-more dynamic duo.

I know full well this next year will only be a different seat on a different ride, but it feels good to have that first loop-de-loop behind us.

Happy Birthday my sweet Jane.


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  1. OH MARGARET – Jane is just BEautiful! I always think you are right on – about anything that you say! Love you! Margaret #1

  2. Jane is beautiful!! But then again, so are you (inside and out). It was such a highlight to see you. I only wish we could have chatted more. Sending the biggest hugs to you and your birthday girl!!

  3. Ditto Catherine’s comment. I was so wonderful to see you. And of course, Jane is simply an absolute beauty! Like you. Don’t forget NYC on your East Coast tour:) You’re always welcome here too cousin!

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