A Breath of Fresh Air



Boy, I didn’t even realize I was even depressed, but I must have been, because these warm spring days are making me feel so much better!

We can actually go outside and play sans the heavy parkas! We can open windows and gulp in the fresh air! No more recycled, regurgitated, heated air bristled with static electricity. We want to suck in the breeze that was just wafting through Hawaii last week. Inhale…Exhale….

It’s barely peeking at 60 degrees outside and already we’ve dined on a blanket at the park, gone for a long bike ride and played tag on a nearby field. All without jackets!!

Is there anything better than an afternoon nap with the window ajar, a cool breeze playing across the face, the loud laughter of children drifting in from the outside. Heaven. (My honey was on duty.)

It’s about this time every year my husband and I vow to never be cold again. Where should we move, we ask ourselves. Florida? Tahiti? Fiji? With the internet these days, we could live anywhere really…Winter should be optional.

But then, we wouldn’t get to feel this giddy about a 60 degree day.



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