Words with Friends (and husbands…)


Right now the score is 190 to 193. I’m in the lead with 23 tiles remaining. I’m hopeful, but I have to be realistic. Out of the seven heated Words With Friends games my husband and I have played together, he’s won…well, seven. That’s right, I’m 0-7. Pathetic, isn’t it? And I keep coming back for more.

I knew he was smart when I met him and he beat me playing a friendly game of chess while watching a basketball game on TV and composing a letter on his laptop in Chinese characters. I learned he was really, really smart when we were engaged and he beat my father at Boggle on his own turf. Then I knew he was super duper smart when he schooled our daughter at Memory. (And she’s really good. I mean it. Scary good.)

So I don’t know why I’m so surprised that I can’t manage to beat him at this blasted Words With Friends game!

In my defense, I come close. We’re often neck and neck until the final letters are played, and then he comes up with a word like “Taj” with his last three tiles for a whopping 50 points and wins the whole game! Ya. Taj. I know, my computer is underlining the word in red right now as I type because it does not consider “taj” a real word, but apparently the Words With Friends people have spent some time in India and have added “taj” to their database of acceptable plays. Who knew?

No, he does not use a “Cheat Words With Friends” app. He thinks things like that are a disgrace to the game. He’s a purist. (And I checked his phone.) And because he doesn’t, I don’t. But I confess, I have Googled, “words that start with Q with no U.” I had to look that one up when he blew me out of the water with “qi.” (Then twisted the knife with “qis.” Plural. Oooh, he’s good.)

He says I’m a nice sparring partner. (I’m playing to win and he’s sparring. Nice.) Believe it or not, he likes the practice. You know, keep the senses sharp, because when his clients learn he’s a “Words With Friends-er” they all beg to challenge him. And what better way to build rapport and earn the respect of your business clients than smoking them at a smartphone game of Scrabble?

Plus, all of this sparring, so-called, has been a nifty way to stay in touch as he travels abroad on business. It’s hard to chat on the phone during such trips when our time zones are incompatible, so I love waking up in the morning and checking my phone to see what word he’s played next. It’s fun.

Which is why I’ll be a touch sad if and when I finally beat him. You see, that will have to be the last time I play. Leave on a high note. Declare that round the high-stakes tourney and myself the grand champion and walk away. Never to look back!

Or will the taste of victory only whet my appetite and make me hungry for more?

I’m getting ahead of myself here. I’m only winning by three points and I’ve still got to figure out what in the world to do with this 10 point Q and I haven’t got a U!! (Or even an I for that matter. Now that’s just bad qi.)




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