Leggo My Legos


Every time I get some fabulous idea off the internet or find brilliance at the end of one of the many Pinterest links my mother emails to me, I think, “Bless their hearts for posting step by step instructions on the internet for us all to see!” And then I think, “Who has that kind of time???”

So in my attempt to “pay it forward” I am posting my husband’s ingenious solution to The Lego Problem. (Lego connoisseurs know what I’m talking about.) The teeny tiny pieces, the fleetingness of a completed set, the need to dump out the whole tub so you can find that one little yellow hand, the MESS.

So here it is, brought to you by Ikea and that brilliant hubby of mine:

It’s nothing too fancy. It’s an Ikea table with two large Lego base plates super glued to the top. This Dino Lego set has been standing since Christmas morning. I know, impressive. All other pre-lego table sets have only survived a maximum of 72 hours, if that.

The Legos are sorted by color: a drawer for grey, white, black, red/blue, green/yellow/orange, and my three year old’s favorite drawer–the “guy” drawer. (All the Lego guys and accompanying hair, arms, hands, weapons and the like.)


We used two 48 dot X 48 dot gray base plates side by side. We bought them from Lego.com. The glue we used was E-6000 from Michael’s. Little tip: When gluing on the two base plates, affix several Legos down the bridge between the two plates to be sure that when the glue is dry, Legos will snap perfectly between the plates.

The Ikea table is $39.99, drawers a few dollars more. Click here for the link. The cool part about the table is that the drawers open from both sides, so several children can build at the same time.

The hardest part about this project is of course sorting the Legos. It took my five year old and me over 3 hours to sort all 427,839,098 Legos pieces into their corresponding drawers. Okay, I made up that number, but that’s what it felt like! (By the way, that was Luke’s homemade Christmas present to Andy–to sort his Legos.)




The funny thing is, as my husband was putting together the table, instruction booklet splayed on the floor, allen wrench and 18 volt drill in hand, he remarked,

“Hey, Ikea furniture is like Legos for grown-ups!”

Oddly enough, the children’s Legos were more expensive than the grown-up ones!


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