Mom The Builder


I built that. I built that! Well, yes, I suppose my womb built the adorable blonde in the background, but I’m talking about the Lego Ninjago motorcycle. It took me the better part of the afternoon, but I did it. And for the first time, I “get” Legos.

It’s oddly satisfying. Flipping through that little booklet they give you, organizing your pieces into piles, and then like Michelangelo watching The David break free from its marble prison…there it is: A super cool flaming ninja motorcycle.

I know it says ages 7 and up on the box. It’s a child’s toy and here I am, the better part of 34 years behind me, comparing myself to the masters having snapped it together, but I had never done it before. My ten year old is my resident builder, but he was at school when Luke got this and since he’s still five and needed help, well, I stepped up to the plate (or “base plate” as we say in Lego-ese. I’m so Lego hip right now.)

Another thing I’m “building” at the moment is my photography know-how. As you can tell from the picture above, it wasn’t taken with my iPhone. Paul got me a real genuine camera with a “manual” setting and I’ve been doing some reading and I even signed up for a photography class. I’m learning all about F-stops and ISO’s and white balance. Very fun stuff if I can keep it all straight in my head and get the kids to smile and look at me.

With any luck, one day my blog will become one of those eye-candy blogs we all gawk over on Pinterest. Up until now, I’ve solely focused on the written word, but if my blog is going to stand a chance of getting noticed out there in cyberspace, it needs to look pretty too.

Besides, I like the idea of taking endless photos of my don’t-come-much-cuter-than-this children. So I’ll keep clicking away.

Both with the Legos and the camera.

Clic, click, click…


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