Time Machine


This month celebrates two years of Jams and Pickles. Two years ago, my friends and husband convinced me the minutia of my day is worth writing about. I never expected anyone to read it. Frankly, I still don’t. But I’m glad I started it, because one day, I hope my children will read it and that will be enough for me.

I fought the whole “blog-o-sphere” thing for a while. First, there’s the word. Blog. It just sounds like “Blah” doesn’t it? Blah, blah, blah. And then I argued, “Who has the time??” But I quickly came to see that writing Jams and Pickles was such fun, I found the time. I made the time. I was a time machine.

Then I had another baby.

Two years ago, I posted 4-5 times a week. Juices were flowing and material was never a problem. I was able to sneak 30 minutes here and there and type away on the computer, undetected by the natives. Coming up with a weekly article for Meridian Magazine was never a problem!

Now, I stare at a blank screen every Sunday night (if it’s past midnight, does that make it Monday morning?),wondering what on earth I should write! To be honest, I’ve written the last few with very heavy eyelids, one closed, one open, hoping my editors will catch my mistakes.

The problem is not a lack of love for writing. It’s a lack of hours in the day. Five kids, all under 10, nursing infant, no hired help, and I don’t even do Pintrest! I find myself passing the computer with a seed of an idea and load of laundry and whispering, “soon….I’ll write soon.”

Then hours later the idea is gone and all I want to do is sleep.

A good friend of mine explained it best when she said, “Having a new baby is like breaking up your life’s puzzle. It takes a year or so to put it back together again, but eventually you do and the picture is even better than before. Give it time.”

So thank you loyal readers for your patience between posts. I’m still trying to get these last few puzzle pieces to fit.

But there’s a reason Santa is portrayed as an older, childless gentleman. No kid would ever believe a young mother could do all that in one night!

(Oh, the irony…)


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  1. Please please pleaser continue with your Jams & Pickles…..I love them! It is the first thing I read when I open my e-mails and find I have stacks of messages either from church sites, craft sites, friends etc!
    I wish you and your family a ver Happy Christmas and a ‘Peaceful’ New Year.
    God Bless You.

    Barney from England

  2. i guess because i still see you regularly i see the whole puzzle still. and oftentimes we talk and i’m thinking “she just said something brilliant, i wonder if she mentally noted that for jams and pickles!”. maybe you’re too tired to notice – do you want me to point out when i hear you say something writeable?

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