Cleansing Rituals


I had bell peppers for breakfast. Not in an omelette. Not topped with ranch. Not sauteed in a succulent fajita. Just the peppers themselves. That’s right, I’ve lost my mind again and am in the middle of some “let’s write a book with some crazy diet plan just to see how many people will actually do it” cleanse.

But the scale is moving. Pass the cucumbers please.

Today is Day 2: As many vegetables as you want, steamed or raw, and one large baked potato for dinner, no more than 1/2 tablespoon on butter. I have never looked forward to a plain baked potato so much in all my life.

This particular 7 day cleanse comes from the recommendation from some very health conscious friends of ours who have seen it work it’s magic first hand. They did all the reading and research and I’m blindly jumping on the healthy cleanse bandwagon, thinking of nothing more than going jean shopping next week.

Paul is on board too after our gluttonous, downright zealous, I need to taste all seven kinds of pies, Thanksgiving weekend. Doing it together is making this all bearable. I think I’d cave after the first ten hours if he were digging into a pot roast right in front of me. It’s been a bonding experience going to bed hungry together.

Tomorrow is Day 3: Unlimited fruits and veggies (no bananas) but no baked potato. Bananas are reserved for Day 4, and I won’t see another potato again until post-cleanse. I know, it’s all madness, but if it means I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight for the Christmas card photo, well…

Tis the season!

(We’ll see if I’m this chipper Day 6)



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  1. oh margaret. we’re in the middle of it too. bryan has a great attitude about it, and me, well…lets just say i’m trying hard to be excited about fitting into pants again too. and desperately excited about the potato.

  2. hahahaha you’re so funny… so far I’ve never dieted or cleansed in my life..just tried to eat healthier and healthier as I’ve learned more in my 20s about how to eat properly (the right foods and the right amount of them). It sure doesn’t sound fun to cleanse/diet! Good luck though 🙂

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