Boys in Shining Armor


Who else is so glad Dean threw an absolute fit and insisted on being Jack Sparrow this year? If he hadn’t shed those crocodile tears and refused my Buzz Lightyear get-up, I would have never seen a Jack so cute. (And that’s saying something Johnny Depp.)

I finished the costume late Monday night and he hasn’t taken it off since. (The real coup is I made the whole thing for under $5!) Captain Jack Sparrow has accompanied me to the school, the store, Andy’s basketball game, you name it.

“Geez, Dean! You wear that thing everyday!” huffed Luke in exasperation as he fastened the belt around his homemade Jedi tunic this morning, the same one he has worn everyday since last Christmas. The irony was lost on him.

Luke is a knight for the second year in a row. Here are more pictures from Luke’s preschool Halloween program at the old folks home:


Someone insisted I hop in this next picture. I’m sure I’ll be grateful I did in 20 years.

I sorta like the idea of being escorted by captains and knights all day. My protectors… My champions.

Oh no, Dean’s gotten out the markers and is applying more “Jack Sparrow eyeliner” again…

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