Kate the Great


My Kate is Eight. My Kate the Great is eight! My Kate the Great is eight, halfway to her first date! And she’s first rate.

Sorry, it’s not everyday your daughter’s name and age rhyme.

So Kate is eight. The tradition in our family is that the kids get a friend party every other year. On the off year, they get a date with me and Paul.

Kate wanted to dine at Chili’s, home of the molten lava fudge cake. She invited her big brother to tag along. The waitress had her stand on her seat while the restaurant sang to her and she turned bright red. But I wasn’t too worried because I overheard her tell Andy that that’s what they do at Chili’s on your birthday, isn’t that exciting? Then we went bowling.

Did you know that after 10pm, the lights at the bowling alley go low, the black lights go up, and the music gets pumpin’? They call it “Thunder Alley!!” Kate had some pretty fabulous dance moves out there in her slippery bowling shoes and freshly waxed wood floor. We got such a kick out of her jukin’ & jivin’ and poppin’ & lockin’ Paul just had to tap “record” on his iPhone. I won’t embarrass her here on the blog, but if you get invited to her wedding one day, you can bet this fabulous footage will make the final cut into the bride and groom’s memory video.

She bowled with bumpers and bowled over 100 on each round and on the final round she beat us all! (My game was off…) Andy was not happy.

I got to go to Kate’s classroom at school for her big day and show them her baby pictures and generally just brag about her for a full five minutes while her classmates desperately waited to devour the chocolate chip cookies I had brought. I don’t know if she’ll remember the day her mom came and gushed about her in the second grade, so if you’ll indulge me, I’ll jot it down here.

I told those 25 students what a wonderful and loyal friend Kate is. She has been so much fun to raise and such a joy to our family. She is always writing notes of love and encouragement to her family and friends and drawing pictures for us. I told them what a gentle and loving big sister she is, especially to Baby Jane. I told them what a devoted artist she is and what a great singer she is turning into and what a hard worker she is. I told them how she swims on the swim team day after day, which is really hard and exhausting, but she does it anyway. I told them how much she loves her ballet class and loves to cook–so much so that we have family recipes named after her. (Her most popular concoction so far is the Kate Shake.)

I told them that when they grow up and have children, I hope they will be as lucky as me and get a wonderful daughter just like Kate.

Then they all sang/shouted Happy Birthday complete with the cha-cha-chas and an oh yeah, oooh baby at the end.

My Kate the Great has now turned eight, she’s getting older, the time is late, she keeps on growing, she will not wait, I hope she still likes the parent date in another eight.


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