Park and Ride


See kids, despite what you might be saying in therapy in 30 years, you really did have a wonderful, ideal childhood. I keep meaning to bring my camera everywhere we go to prove it to you, but I keep forgetting. Well, today at the last second I stuffed it into my pocket on our way to the park and boy, I’m sure glad I did.

Today was Jane’s first ride in a swing not designed to make her drowsy. Everyone oogled over the pictures of her from the camera’s LCD screen all the way home. She sure is easy to love.

You can’t see them in the photo, but Dean is indeed wearing his big, black boots, making him “Dean in Boots.” Man, I love that little under bite of his.

I hesitate to tell Kate there is such a thing as acrobat school. She is surprisingly flexible.

That’s a plastic sword he’s holding up. He was the envy of the park with that thing.

Andy, you were at practice during this outing. I’ll snap your photo next time I remember to bring the camera. Besides, being the oldest, you have the most photos of you anyhow.

And here’s the one of Jane that kept us laughing all evening. I call it “Pure Joy.”

Ah, were we ever that young and so carefree? I guess so. Thank goodness my mother has the pictures to prove it.


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