Questions and Answers


“Why do I have to sit in my carseat?!”

“Why do I have to put on my shoes?!”

“Why do we have to leave now?!”

“Why do we have to clean up?!”

“Why do we have to go to bed?!”

I’ve tried to explain my reasons to Dean: So you don’t fly through the windshield, so your feet don’t freeze, because we’re late picking up so-and-so, because a clean house equals a happy mother, because it’s time. But these reasons are only met by the same solid, iron clad, three year old argument,

“No we don’t.”

Then I get sucked into the, “Yes we do, no we don’t, yes we do, no we don’t, yes we do!” vicious cycle. How long have I been doing this parenting thing now? I still need a 101 refresher course! Lesson #1 Do Not Engage in Inane Arguments! Nobody wins!

But then with everyone else off to school and Luke finally off to preschool (Mom, stop calling it “preschool” okay? Just call it “school.”) Sorry, “school,” Dean and I had a morning all to ourselves unencumbered by endless errands. And with a sleeping Jane to boot, we decided to hit the park, just the two of us. We whipped down the slide choo-choo train style with him on my lap and giggled all the way down. We soared on the swings spider style together and had an absolute ball. (By the way, I also came to the sad realization I can’t get all the way across the monkey bars anymore, but that’s another post.)

I know I’ve said this before, but Dean is the most delightful three year old ever when there is no one around to push his buttons! He’s sweet and articulate and genuinely funny. We’ll have to do this more often, just Dean and me, me and my Dean.

Then it was time to go.

“Why do we have to go??!!”

“Why do I have to get in my car seat??!!”

“Why do we have to pick up Luke??!!”

Because we do, no we don’t, yes we do, no we don’t, yes we do, no we don’t, yes we do….

It’s a good thing I’m bigger than him.




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