It’s All Relative


I just learned Paul and I are 8th cousins. 8th cousins? That means that 8 generations ago, two of our ancestors were cousins. I don’t know whether to be a tad creeped out or relieved and happy to know my husband comes from such good stock.

How did I come to learn this fun fact? Relative Finder. Have you discovered this yet? Fascinating stuff. It’s a Facebook app developed by BYU in conjunction with Family Search. All you have to do is get onto Facebook, and in the little search box, type in “Relative Finder.” It will then ask you to log onto It’s free to get an account, or if you’re LDS, it’s your user name and password.

Once you’re logged on, it will search and tell you who you are related to–facebook friends, famous people, royalty, signers of the Declaration of Independence, etc…It tells you the common ancestor between you and then charts out the family tree for you, showing you exactly how you’re related. All this in seconds!

Who knew I was related to Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Abe Lincoln, and William Shakespeare? Paul, and therefore my children are direct descendants of one of the signers of the Mayflower compact! (11th great grandfather.) Guess who we’ll be talking about this Thansgiving and every 4th grade pilgrim report hereafter?

What’s more, good, close, personal friends of mine? Just learned we were 10th cousins! I always knew we were kindred spirits!

So log on! It can only tell you how you are related to your facebook friends if they have a account as well, so spread the word.

It makes me realize just how small this world really is. We are all just one, big family. (Hence, all the international squabbles.) It all makes sense now…



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  1. I have a suggestion to your chorister…I had the same problem many years ago with the boys and this is what I did…I got some red flannel and cut them in the shape of big lips, sewed them together with the back baggy and put a zipper in the front. I put treats inside. I named it the sh-h-h-h- reward. When I noticed someone who was exceptionally reverant they got to retreive a treat. I know it’s not the same as what you are struggling with but maybe it may give you some ideas.

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