Hill of Beans


Well, we finally finished off the big pot of beans I made on Sunday, as part of my quest to teach the children gratitude. By the way, none of you were very forthcoming with your wonderful bean recipes. I was left to my own devices which consisted of BBQ sauce and curry. Oh, and cheese. Everything is more palatable with copious amounts of cheese.

One good thing to come out of all this beans business (besides the high fiber content) was my condiment squeeze bottle savvy. I procured several 99 cent clear plastic squeeze bottles from Walmart (like the kind you’d put ketchup in) and filled them up with our favorite high fructose corn syrup free sauces. Right now I have a sweet chili sauce, BBQ sauce, pineapple teriyaki sauce and a mild yellow coconut curry sauce all in accessible squeeze bottles just chillin’ out on the door of my fridge. Because of the narrow squeeze feature, the condiments don’t gush out and the kids can add the flavors themselves. These come in very handy when trying to mask the fact that you are serving the same thing every night with only the slightest variations.

Another one of my new favorite finds is buying diapers online. Amazon offers a free Amazon Mom program to parents and caregivers to incentivize us to buy our diapers, wipes and anything else online. I just bought a box, free 2 day shipping and everything for 9 cents a diaper. That’s better than Costco. And I didn’t have to lug the box home. I know diapers.com offers a similar program. It’s all about “subscribe and save.” If you are in diapers at your house, look into it.

I’ve also been trying some natural, low calorie alternatives to sugar. (I know, I thought it was an oxymoron too.) So far I’ve tried Stevia and Xylitol. (Both of which you can order on Amazon and get free 2 day shipping if you’re an “Amazon Mom.”) Stevia’s sweeter but Xylitol has absolutely no after taste at all. But I’m not really all that picky. It all registers as yummy and guilt free to me. My green smoothies have never been sweeter.

Maybe that will be how we get the next batch of beans down the hatch, with sweetness. I do have a recipe for making white bean peppermint patties…no joke. I’ll post the recipe once I’ve perfected it using my Stevia.



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  1. Both my dentist and two ariticles I have read say that xylitol is replacing flouride as the best preventative for tooth decay! My dentist encouraged me to chew gum with xylitol in it – go figure!

  2. 9 cent diapers?!! I just went on Amazon and figured out how to get down to 15 cents (still a BARGAIN compared to my Samsclub swaddlers–how did I never know about this amazon mom thing before??), so you must tell me which brand you’re ordering!

    • I bought Huggies size 1-2 (jane’s still quite petite) thru amazon mom, subscribe and save, and then as an amazon mommy, they give you free online coupons to use, so I got an additional 2$ off my purchase. Free amazon prime shipping and everything, all came out to 9 cents a diaper. That may go up with bigger sized diapers, but still great deals!



  3. These are all the things I’m into! But the free prime membership runs out after about a year… and mine runs out in October! I am sad. I wonder how much membership costs.

    I just bought stevia, can’t wait to try it.

    and I would love any great bean recipes! I want to use them more, but mostly only use them in soups and as a salad topping right now.

  4. I have been enjoying your column and just discoverd your blog at the end of the most recent article. My family is way out of the diaper stage but I do like your idea for the beans and rice. What a novel idea for the Sunday night meal. I am wondering if you would pass on the recipes for the sauces that you make. They all sound wonderful. Thanks in advance.

    • I’m still pretty new to this bean world, but someone posted a comment under “one good meal” on my blog about how to make real, authentic beans Brazilian style. I’m going to try it tomorrow night. I’ll let you know how they turn out. The most important bean tip I know is that you only season them after you cook them. Something about salt not letting them soften all the way…My sister in law just adds a packet of ranch seasoning to her pinto beans and they are pretty yummy. In a pinch I add half a jar of salsa to them and make quesadillas on the side. One of these days all compile some good bean recipes to share. I’m so glad you like the column. It makes my day to learn someone else reads it besides my own mother.

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