Funny Bones


“Dean’s not funny when he’s trying to be, but really funny when he’s not trying to be.”

So says the nine year old who, a minute ago, just used very Chris Farley-esque finger air quotations when talking about Santa Claus. When did he start using those?

My kids are starting to get funny. And not just in a “oh look how adorable” kind of way, but funny funny.

I put a baseball cap on Dean yesterday to see if it fit. (Okay, so it was adorable.) But then he promptly turned it around backwards and said in the deepest register a two year old can muster, “Hi, I’m Paul.” It was spot on, a great impression of his backward cap sporting dad. We laughed out loud.

They can quote movie lines verbatim, accents and all. (Andy does a great British Harry Potter.) Dean walked up to me yesterday and said in a gruff French timbre, “I killed a man…with this thumb!” (From Ratatouille) What made it even more hilarious was how long it took him to decide which finger was his thumb before he brandished it in my face.

Their dream in life is to win the grand prize from America’s Funniest Home Videos and be rich, rich, rich! It might work, but all their ideas are too calculated and planned. I keep telling them the winners tend to capture spontaneous moments usually involving pets or getting hurt. Preferably both. Are they sure they want to compete with the overweight lady trying to mount her horse in her backyard using nothing but a flimsy lawn chair?(Very low brow, I admit, but it gets me every time.)

But I keep my Flip in my purse now, ready to press “record” at a moment’s notice. Who knows, maybe that cash prize will pay for college one day. If not, I can always post it here. Isn’t that what blogs are for?



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