Oh, That is Rich


Cash is burning holes in their pockets! Holes! My little readers are getting cold hard, electronic cash for every book they read this summer. I say “electronic” because I never have the exact amounts needed in cash on hand, so I use my “Bank of Mom” app on my iPhone to enter in the amounts. (FYI great app. Highly recommend it.)

And with Luke’s birthday money to boot, he just had to go to the store yesterday to spend it. He did. He bought a pair of “Galactic Heroes.” He found the exact set he had been dreaming about: Anakin Skywalker with his trusty Speeder. Of course, this caused nothing but pain and anguish for his little brother, who is still unclear on the “that’s mine, this is yours” concept. He sobbed and sobbed all the way home about it not being his. Even a bag a Skittles was no consolation.

“Luke, could you maybe let him have a smidge of a turn?” I implored.

“Okay, Dean. I can play with it now, forever, and then you can play with it up in heaven!”

I’m happy brand new 5 year old Luke has developed such a mature, eternal perspective on life.

Andy has been up late every night plowing through “The Red Pyramid” and loving it. He just finished it today and is feeling quite rich. But when he browses Lego sets online he feels poor again. Then Andy does what he does best: sell.

“Kate, there’s this awesome Lego set you would totally love. If you and I just pooled our money together…”

“Andy! Knock it off. Stop trying to sweet talk her out of her money! She doesn’t want a Lego set!”

“Psst, Luke. There’s this totally awesome Lego set you would love. We could share it, see….”

Kate’s been reading “A-Z Mystery” books and she judiciously bought an economy 3-pack of Watermelon Extra chewing gum at the store. She is saving the rest of her dough for some clip-on earrings from Claire’s. Did you know a child could chomp through 3 packs of gum in just 24 hours? This is why I hide my gum.

I’ve decided there is not actual “rich” and “poor.” There is only feeling rich, and feeling poor. I know families in large houses and fancy cars that feel poor quite often. But I remember being very poor when Kate was 2, and when she got potty trained and I didn’t have to buy diapers anymore, I felt very rich.

When Paul has a hard day at the office and spends the evening paying bills, that is not the time to tell him how much it costs to sign up three kids for soccer. But 48 hours later, after a great day at work, he’ll volunteer to coach!

So right now the kids are feeling pretty well-to-do. They have a little jingle in their pockets and are developing a keen eye for bargains. And boy, does it put an end to the whining at the store! (“Hmmm…$5.99? Sure! If you want to take it out of your reading money…”)

Me? I’m feeling rich. My kids love books and Dean has forgotten all about the “not his” Galactic Hero.

But I wouldn’t be completely opposed to someone giving me 25 cents for every post I write either.


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