Is Dad a Mammal? And Other Questions Answered


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been introducing young Luke to the world of biology. We’ve discussed at length what is means to be warm blooded or cold blooded. What kinds of animals live where? What is a habitat? What characteristics make up a reptile, bird, fish, insect, arachnid or mammal?

We spend a lot of time on mammals because those seem to be the most interesting for him (lions, tigers and bears, oh my.) Mammals give live birth. Mammals feed their babies milk. Mammals are warm blooded. All mammals have hair or fur.

That’s when Luke posed his now famous question.

“So is Dad a mammal? What about Mace Windu?”

Master Mace Windu (a Star Wars character played by actor Samuel Jackson) and my husband, along with Andre Agassi, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and other macho men, may prefer a very short hairdo these days, but they are still, I assured him, very much mammals.

You’ll also be happy to know Andy has gotten out of bed with the first wake-up call every morning since my little “intervention” earlier this week.

The boys are due for haircuts today. They won’t be happy about it. Trying to cut their hair is like trying to bathe three cats. You’d think an angel had promised my offspring great strength if I didn’t cut their hair, the way they react to their fallen locks. But I just want them to look nice for our upcoming family pictures. I used to think they were just being difficult, but now I think I can allay their real concern:

After the last hairs are brushed away and the clippers are unplugged, yes, they will still be mammals.


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