The Hurt Meter


Here’s how you can decipher just how hurt or injured my children are. And it’s not the tears. I used to go my that barometer as a novice, but they got too good at whipping those things up in a hurry. No. It’s the first request out of their mouths when I kneel down to embrace them and assess the damage.

“I think I need a cookie. Sniff.”

“I should probably lie down on your bed and watch a movie.”

“We need to go to the store and buy those cough drops that taste like cherry candy.”

“I need my sippy and mimi and snuggles.” (I’m still a sucker for that one.)

“Can I get a Band-aid and a treat now?”

These responses are generally met with relief and hugs because I know they are okay.

However, I’ve had to enforce a cold “no blood, no Band-aid” policy. (We were going through them like water and few things are more disgusting than finding used Band-aids all over the place.) The Luden’s cherry cough drops are reserved for red, swollen throats only, and movies in mom’s room are at the sole discretion of just how tired mom is.

But the sippy cups, snuggles and the occasional cookie still make the sympathy cut along with a “Bless ’em heart.”

It sure is hard work deducing all these cryptic codes and breaking down what exactly children mean when they speak. Yes, it’s very exhausting work indeed.

I think I need a cookie. Sniff.


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  1. we finally started putting themed bandaids in stockings and telling the kids that is their years supply to use at their discretion, but the real bandaids are for blood only.

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