Messy Bliss


I heard something yesterday that left me thinking.

“Families today are TV rich and family time poor.”

Well, that’s no wonder. Life is messy. Television and video games are clean.

But television and video games are not “life.”

Aye, there’s the rub.

What a tricky world we mommies live in these day. I spent all morning straightening up, only to watch it all crumble into ruins because I was resolute to not turn on the TV. I unplugged the computer too.

Instead we baked cookies. We built forts. We drew pictures. We dumped out the plastic tub of Legos. I let the kids choose “a few” books for story time and they came back with 30. We played games. We set up the trampoline (well, Paul did.) And I’m grateful that one was at least outside!

And when Paul stepped out to a meeting last night, I was sorely tempted to flop my pregnant self down with the remote and call it a day. But I resisted. If I’m to be rich at all in this life, I want to be “family time rich.”

As a result,  Andy, Kate and Luke got to lip syncing to their favorite music tracks in the kitchen. Dean created an entire Lego community in his mind and sobbed softly for them when it was time to leave them for bed. They slept in their forts. And when I crept down the hall to check on them after lights out, Andy was spinning a frightening tale to his younger siblings, but no one got scared enough to leave.

I’m not going to lie. It was loud. It was messy. Towards the end, I did beg in a loud voice for everybody to “settle down already!!!”

But when you wake up to a kitchen that’s already a mess, why not make cinnamon rolls from scratch for breakfast? Or sure, soon I’ll crack the whip and we’ll get our little cottage tidied up again, but right now I have to punch down the dough and Dean is at my side with half a dozen Lego guys clutched in his palms, requesting that I “go play with him….

“right now.”


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  1. Oy..I feel ya Margaret. I felt the same when I heard that yesterday, and our house was left a huge mess by the end of the day. You’re not alone–in the least.

  2. question – I found your blog through Meridian.. and now I don’t click on your Meridian articles to read them because I already saw them on your blog. Does that hurt your pay or statistics with Meridian? If so, I’ll click on your Meridian articles just so you get the click-through stats 🙂

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