The Waiting Game


“Four weeks! Can you believe that! A four week wait just to get a new iPad 2!” gasped my dear husband into his cell phone as as he slumped away from the Apple store. For a moment there, I thought he was going to break into song, belting out “I Want it Now!” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

All I could proffer up was,

“A four week wait, huh? Well, that means you and I will both be getting our little ‘packages’ at around the same time….Welcome to my world.”

A light bulb went on for him. “Ohhhh, so this must be how it feels for you…”

Yes, something like that. Go ahead and add some nausea, heartburn, stretchmarks, bulging varicose veins, and throbbing hips into the mix. And then strap that bubble wrapped iPad around your waist along with a 40 pound weight with strict instructions not to unwrap it yet, or it will be ruined, and then, yes, I think you’ve got it.

But don’t forget the ever-looming fear that you won’t know how to care for your new iPad properly. You might damage it. Your other electronic gadgets may suffer because your iPad will require so much of your attention.  And there’s no instruction manual. There’s no warranty. No refunds, replacements or exchanges! You wake up some nights in a panic attack thinking you won’t ever be good enough for your precious, new iPad! However will you manage!

Yes, something like that. Now you can relate.

And so we wait. The pair of us.





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