Holding: (n) The restraining of another player who is not in possession of the ball.

Kindergarten roundup is next month and “holding” is what I am seriously considering doing to Luke. You see, he has a summer birthday and I could really go either way on this call. I’ve discussed the pros and cons at length with my husband, friends, parents, teachers, anyone who will listen and offer up an opinion.

Pros: He’ll be older, taller, more mature, and therefore more confident, right?

Cons: When the time finally does come, he’ll feel like he’s been thrown together with a bunch of babies. “This is my demographic, Mom?”

Pros: In time, sports. I know this isn’t an important reason for some people, but I’ve talked the sports question over with enough guys who will candidly whisper, “Ya, it is a big deal. Especially for a guy,” and I believe them.

Cons: Will he feel “held back?” Will he conclude that we didn’t think he was ready? Because the thing that makes me, to use a political term, waffle on this, is that he is so ready. So bright. So with-it. I know he’d do very well if he went this year.

So what do you think? I don’t think of it so much as “holding him back” as I do just “holding him.”

At least for one more year.


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  1. i myself could easily argue either way – but if more you think more confidence is to be gained in another year, i don’t think he is hurting in that area. he seems plenty confident. i just sort of hate letting them go into the world! makes me miss them too much. makes me dream of home-schooling.

  2. I held one of my children a year longer, it seemed right, she was in the same situation with her birthday and readiness but it just seemed right. She has sometimes wondered about being “held back” but I don’t regret it one bit. She is, however, a year behind all her friends at church, they are going to seminary now and she is not. She went to camp in 6th grade they went in 7th. That was little odd, but I love her friends at school and I’m so glad she won’t be in high school till next year! Good luck!

  3. If you hold him back…IT WILL BE THE GREATEST GIFT YOU WILL EVER GIVE HIM!(this is what the supt of schools told me about my Andy…and she was so right) And believe me, he won’t be alone… many moms hold back boys…I held back two…
    (I don’t care how ready you think he is)
    Another year of a better pre-school…
    Love Margaret #1

  4. one more thing to think about is his mission… when do you want him to go? Right after graduation from high school or do you want him to have a year of school under his belt. I see pros and cons for both. Miss you.

  5. I don”t look at it as “holding” him back but giving him the upper hand. I am a August birthday and my mom waited a year too. I never hated it. I have Josh in August too and I still waver on the decision too. But really there is nothing to loose by waiting a year. When he is older and ask just sell the advantages to him.

  6. The boys have August birthdays and I waited for an extra year. I just told them I was giving them and extra year to play before they were in school most of the day. We have full day kinder though. I wanted them to be kids for just one more year. I guess you can say I marketed them the idea and now they feel like they got the upper hand in the deal.

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