This Much I Know


I always used to wonder how Oprah was able to come up with her monthly column, “This Much I Know” because I could never presume to have all the answers. Or any answers for that matter. My children are young and as for my own parenting techniques, well…the jury’s out. What on earth could little old me know?

But there is something to be said about writing from your own life on a near daily basis. It makes you sit up and take notice of all of the life swirling around you. Things happen everyday that I think, “Oh, I gotta remember that. That much I know.”

But then dinner needs fixin’ and shoes need findin’ and by the time I sit down and click “New Post” that darn cursor blinks at me in that mocking rhythm of his…Blink, blink, blink…Oh, curse that cursor! What did I know again?

But this much I do know:

  • That if I stare down that cursor long enough, a writer’s game of “chicken” of sorts, something will come to me.
  • I know I will never like changing the sheets on bunk beds.
  • Your pregnancy “flies by” for everyone else.
  • Elementary school plays are put on by saints.
  • A tiny taste of success makes all the hard work with it (Andy did well at his meet last week.)
  • 2-year olds don’t quite grasp the concept of shopping for and then giving away a gift.
  • I derive a great deal of satisfaction from having a week’s worth of homemade meals stacked up in my freezer.
  • I love strawberry season.

It may not seems like much, and I’m sure I know more things than those listed above. But I’ll leave those for another day. Another post. Another game of chicken with my cursor.


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