The Office


Years ago, a wonderful friend and mentor told me,

“What you need is a Kitchen Counter Career.”

She was encouraging me to write, something I hadn’t done since college, but realizing what with my growing brood and shrinking free-time, all writing would have to be done, literally, at the kitchen counter.

And so it began.

Friends ask me all the time, how in the world do I find the time to write? I used to pose this exact same question to other moms I knew who kept a blog. “Who has the time? I can’t even keep up with my laundry!”

Well, I still can’t keep up with my laundry, but I do find the time to write. Mainly because I’ve managed to create a “Kitchen Counter Career.” (Okay, so “career” connotes something more prestigious and better paying than what I actually do, but for alliteration purposes, just go with it.)

My computer is set up, yes you guessed it, directly on the kitchen counter top. Sidled up right next to the fridge. You see, the side of the fridge acts as my magnetic white board where I get to post my laminated copies of the articles I’ve had published in the newspaper and such. Family photos, permission slips, and homework packets also find their way onto my “desk” along with crumbs, dirty dishes, and mail that I’ve been meaning to get to. And oftentimes, when I answer my own phone, I get asked, “Is your mommy home?”

But it works. That’s the beauty of “The Kitchen Counter Career.” I’m right here to fill up sippy cups, wipe noses, settle disputes, help with homework, and rush Dean off to the nearby potty to do his business. (Yes! He’s officially trained!!)

I’m sure one day, years from now, when someone goes off to college to make his way in the world, I will have a strong desire to convert their old bedroom into a “proper” office. You know, one with a door. But I know I will miss my “KCC” days dearly.

Because they will have meant, “My mommy is home.”


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  1. You are a great writer! Thanks for the attempt to have Charlie over today. We’ll call tomorrow if you are up for it. The kid seriously needs some time out of the house. Give us a couple of weeks and we’ll start having friends over to our home again. Thanks again for the invite!

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