Sloth Sister


Sloths move only when necessary and even then very slowly: they have about a quarter as much muscle tissue as other animals of similar weight. They can move at a marginally higher speed if they are in immediate danger from a predator,  but they burn large amounts of energy doing so. On the ground the maximum speed of the three-toed sloth is 2 m or 6.5 feet per minute.
-Wikipedia, “Sloth”

The sloth is my new soul sister.

That’s right, I’m in the final stretch of gestation. I waddle. I flop from side to side. I can’t get out of a chair without an audible grunt. I huff and puff up the stairs. I need a nap around 9am. Then another one at noon. I’m bleary-eyed by 8pm.

My To-Do list looks something like this:

  • feed kids
  • keep laundry going
  • feed kids
  • run dishwasher
  • feed kids
  • get kids to various obligations
  • create 1 billion new cells for baby
  • sleep

The other night as I sank into my two thirds of the bed, I was talking about how nice it will be to get the baby here, safe and sound. Paul commented,

“Yeah, it’ll be nice to have my wife back.”

I was too exhausted to feign offense. I just smiled weakly and said,

“It’ll be nice to be back.”

But it’s a shame because I really thought I was rallying between the hours of 5-9pm when he’s home…

Maybe it’s the crash landing onto my various pillows at night that’s giving me away.


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  1. When one is considering baby #5, this is not the post to read :). At least you haven’t lost your sense of humor! Hang in there, pretty soon you’ll have your body back and a beautiful baby to cuddle with :).

  2. I know what you mean! I’ve sunk so low I actually have to sit on the floor in order to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer! I’m one of those people who needs a chair to complete most tasks – need me to help get dressed? let me pull up a chair! this is going to be the Grand Finale! Miss you!

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