Quick and Dirty


As I was flicking through one of my fave magazines, “Family Fun,” I read a fabulous idea about how to clean the house. This mother would set the timer between one and two minutes, depending on the mess, gather all of the family members into one room and shout, “Ready, set, clean!!” And for the set time, everyone would dash about like mad cleaning and organizing the room. When the timer buzzed, they moved onto the next room.

For optimal cleaning time, she was prepared. Before “go” she would make assignments, arm the children with the appropriate weapons (dust rags, broom, vacuum, etc…) spray the showers, sprinkle cleaner in the toilets, and have some reward system for good attitudes. (Aka, brownies that night.)

So we tried it. Saturday morning we had a little pow-wow about how we were going to clean up. We all scrunched into the kids’ room, which was heavily littered with legos and books, made the assignments and hollered, “GO!” The one amendment we made was to clean up to a song. The room was very messy so we said we were done at the end of two songs. Paul chose heart pumping tunes…I can’t remember the titles, but I’m sure I recognized them from some Sports Center montage.

And sure enough, the room was spic, span, and vacuumed at the end of the two songs! We moved onto the next room. Same results! Then the next, then the next…And in under an hour, the entire house was clean!! Clean!

Of course, 24 hours later you wouldn’t know it. But that’s the beauty of the quick, timed clean up. It can be conquered within minutes if we just all work together!

But before I round up the troops again, I’d better first check that we have enough brownie mix…


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