Cosas Favoritas


Last year around this time I wrote a post entitled, “My Favorite Things” in an attempt to push away the late winter doldrums. So in the name of tradition, the very thing that keeps this fiddler on her roof, here are some more of my new favorite things. (Not the least of which is feeling like a cross between Fraulein Maria and Oprah Winfrey every time I say that phrase.)

1.) Olive Oil. Not in the traditional, culinary way. I’m talking dermatology. It has lately become our skin’s balm of choice. Unlike most lotions, it doesn’t sting at all when I rub it on my kids’ ultra-sensitive, dry, chaffed hides and chapped lips. And I have completely given up expensive, “age defying” beauty creams for me. I’ve been rubbing just a few drops of the golden oil on my clean face morning and night for the softest skin I’ve had in years. (And I have acne prone skin! Since using the olive oil, I have not had a single breakout.) I’ve also heard coconut oil and jojoba oil render similar results. I’ll look into those once we’ve used up our huge vat from Costco.

2.) I recently discovered all the free classic books you can download via the Amazon Kindle app onto your iPhone or iPad. Yes. Free! Books like Pride & Prejudice, Little Women, and Great Expectations. So what am I reading and loving right now? Believe it or not, Tarzan. It’s not what you think. Or at least it’s not what I thought it was going to be. Once discovered by man, Tarzan becomes this quasi-super human vigilante, traveling the world and having all sorts of adventures. Kinda like a cross between James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Edward Cullen, but in a 19th century way. There is a love triangle (he and Jane are still not together!!), mistaken identities and villans who get away. Anyways, I’m hooked. There are 9 books in the series and I’m in the middle of book 2. Who would’ve thought?

3.) Yesterday I went to the store and stocked up on leftover Valentine candy, all at astonishingly low prices. (Big bags of peanut M&Ms for a dollar? Who cares if they’re pink!) I have no intention of saving them for next year, but I figured I could use them in the Easter baskets (they’re pastel, right?) and it’s good to have a little something sweet on hand for Friday lunch boxes and movie treats…just so long as nobody else knows where they’re stashed. I’d tell you my brilliant hiding spot, but I fear I’ve said too much already. You never know who might be reading…

4.) Our local mom & pop fabric shop in town. I went there for the first time today. It’s a touch more expensive, but the fabric is darling! Like, blow anything at Joanne’s away cute. It made me wish I were a better seamstress.

By the way, this is how you know whether or not you have empirically good taste: all the fabric you pick out at first glance is the most expensive stuff there. It’s a burden we must bear.



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