DV Where R You?


Super Why. 9-9:30am. That’s all we watch on our new TV.

Yes, we broke down last week and replaced our broken television. The exact same TV that we bought four years ago is currently selling for half the price of what we paid back then. Plus, we missed our movie nights.

But in a resolve to lessen our dependence on the magic box, Paul stood in line at the cable office to hand in our DVR. Tricky thing about cable companies, though. He learned that getting rid of the cable completely upped our internet bill substantially. Boy, they really know how to getcha. Anyways, he discovered it’s much cheaper to get ultra-basic cable plus internet rather than just internet alone.

So now we have basic, cheap, rudimentary, primative, frustrating cable. No DVR. No fabulous channels. Nada. And let me tell you, it’s the same as not having any TV at all.

Except for Super Why, 9-9:30am (which, by the way, is how I’m able to write this here post right now.)

Paul and I tried to watch a rerun episode of The Office last night, but the commercial breaks were exasperating. I couldn’t pause the show to answer the phone, brush my teeth, or resolve a kid scuffle. I ended up turning it off partway and threw down the clicker in a demonstration of my bitter annoyance. And the one show I wanted to watch this season, American Idol, is on at an hour that makes it impossible for me to become a fan this year! Oh, the humanity!

Boy, without a DVR, television really is a bunch of trash. Yesterday afternoon, I heaped up a load of laundry in front of her and thought I could find something to entertain me during this mundane chore. I spent 20 minutes flicking around, trying to find a show of interest while my hot fresh laundry grew stale. Nothing. By the time I finally got wise and turned it off, I realized I could’ve already been done with all that laundry folding and gotten on with my life!

The bright side to all of this is, it’s just as frustrating for the kids. (He, he, heee…) Without 15 of their favorite shows lined up and ready to go commercial free, they have yet to even turn on the black boxy monster and go around the horn. And this “basic” cable does not include the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. And without those two channels, the TV is useless as far as they’re concerned. So our TV battles have become a thing of the past. Yippee!

And we did get to all curl up and watch The Swiss Family Robinson for our family movie night last week, (which was a ton of fun) so I am glad we got the TV. And I guess giving up American Idol is but a small price to pay for getting to say sayonara to Disney’s mysteriously addicting teen rat pack.

And Super Why really is a great show. Commercial free too. Don’t you just love PBS?

Oops, it’s 9:29am. Better go.




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