Doll Hairs


This is the classic big brother ruse, right? If you do me this big favor, I’ll give you a dollar! So you do the gargantuan favor and return for your promised dollar, to which big brother cunningly replies, “I said ‘doll-hair!’ Ha-ha!”

I’ve decided the Dollar Store is the proverbial big brother who never grows up. Every time I fall into it’s cheap vortex, I feel cheated almost immediately after checkout. I had sworn off all Dollar Stores years ago, convinced they all smelled of urine and were stocked with all things low-brow and/or non-FDA approved.

But then I recently saw my friends with some rather fun novelties for the kids. When I asked where they acquired them, they replied, “The Dollar Store!” Hmmm… Could Dollar Stores have risen in respectability over the past few years since my personal embargo?

So yesterday, I took all four kiddos on errands. A serious gamble, I know. But I put the promise of a dollar store trip out there as a reward for angelic behavior. They passed, and we went. They each received one dollar to “spend wisely.”

Between the agonizing process of  indecision and Dean grabbing every other toy he laid eyes on, we finally made it out of there alive. Dean’s toy broke in the parking lot. Kate’s toy broke in the car. Luke’s broke at home, and Andy’s choice, the coloring book, is the only thing we have to show from our exhausting Dollar Store escapade. Rats. Tricked again.

Four doll hairs would’ve lasted longer–by far a better investment.


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  1. despite having a dollar store within walking distance I won’t let my kids go “waste their money on that crap.” glad to know I’m not the only anti-dollar store snob.

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