Home Again


Ah, home again. It feels so good to be back. The warm snuggle hugs from my little ones are enough to make me forget it’s 15 degrees outside instead of the balmy 86 to which I’ve become accustomed.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful trip to beautiful Fiji. It took me a while to find any suitable for posting, seeing as I usually adhere to a strict no photographs while in my third trimester policy…but it’s Fiji. Hopefully the tropical background and my handsome hubby are enough to distract the eye…

A few things you may not know about Fiji:

1.) Since Fiji was under British rule until 1976, they drive a-la James Bond, on the left. It was the first time we ever bought the extra rental car insurance.

2.) Paul and I decided there must be a law in their constitution that stipulates that every natural born citizen of Fiji must shout the friendly word “Bula!” to every tourist they see. Without exception. It’s quite endearing, actually. After a few days we starting calling the local currency “Bula Bucks.”

3.) They charge 10 cents per package of ketchup at the local McDonald’s there. 30 cents for sweet and sour sauce. They don’t mess around. We’re spoiled here in the states.

4.) You can sky dive at enormous altitudes in Fiji, (starting at sea level and all) with a burly Croatian strapped to your back and land gracefully right on the beach! That is, if you’re not pregnant. But since that didn’t apply to Paul, he had them video tape the whole thing. I’ll let you know when he posts his exploits on YouTube.

5.) When the siren’s song of sky diving isn’t calling, Fiji has the intoxicating power to keep my otherwise ADD husband content in a hammock for hours on end. He promised me before we left that this would be a relaxing vacation and he was true to his word. We read, napped, swam, snorkeled and discovered our new favorite beverage: Mango Orange Schwepps. Imported from Australia.

6.) 95% of Fiji’s tourists are from Australia since it’s only a few hours’ flight away for them. It was my first time on the other side of the equator. Yes, the constellations are different and the toilets do flush the other way.

7.) 332 islands make up the peppered tropical nation. Only 110 are inhabited. The movie “Castaway” was filmed there. We saw the island from a distance. Apparently, Tom Hanks fell in love with Fiji during production and vacations there often. Our local friend, Moses, said we missed the Hanks’s by only one week.

I’m sure Rita and I would’ve hit it right off, both sipping our Mango Orange Shwepps’s poolside and all.





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