Rocked to the Core


Water. Cool, refreshing water. We all really ought to be drinking more of it, but it’s hard to remember to always bring your “green” refillable water bottle with you wherever you go. And with all that water, well, suddenly life rewinds back to the days when you were potty training your toddler and you find yourself hunting down and mapping out out every clean, available restroom in the city. But it’s a small price to pay.

You see, last week we learned that an extended family member was suffering from boulderesque kidney stones. Ouch. (I’m told, worse than childbirth?) When my kids inquired as to what kidney stones actually are, I tried to expound on the delicate, crucial role our twin organs play, but I was losing them. So I finally blurted out, “Rocks in your pee.”

Rocks in our pee??!! They were understandably horrified. How can we avoid such a harrowing, terrible, unfathomable fate? How Mom? How??

“There is only one solution” I counseled gravely…”Drink more water.”

Glug, glug, glug, glug….It’s been going on for days now. The kids are constantly filling up and hydrating at the kitchen sink like parched camels at a cool trough. I can’t keep enough clean cups around. And they are always sure to add after wiping their mouths dry, “Sure don’t want to get rocks in my pee!” It’s become an adage of sorts…

“I need a big drink of water along with my Cheerios. Don’t want rocks in my pee!”

“We’d better top off off our lemonades at the soda fountain again before we leave. Sure don’t want to get rocks in our pee!” (We like to think we’re educating those around us as well…)

Andy and Kate have always toted a thermos full of water to school inside their sack lunches. It always came back pretty full, but not now. I’ve scared them straight. There’s nothing quite like a good visual.

Next month I’m scheduled to potty train Dean. (Another post, entirely.) But at least now I’m well versed on all of the nicest pit stops within a 10 mile radius.


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