Armed and Semi-Dangerous


So I told you about Andy’s homemade gift to Luke this Christmas: a home sewn, brown flannel, Jedi Knight tunic- complete with belt. Well, it’s the new “soccer uniform.” (For those of you new to the blog, Luke wore his soccer uniform everyday for two months straight. Click here for the post.)

Not only does he love the tunic, but owning a belt now enables him to be armed to the teeth at all times.

When he wakes up in the morning, he promptly finds all of his plastic swords and slides them securely underneath the belt. Then he takes the plastic tool set he got from Santa, and decks out his slim waist with the hammer, the screwdriver, and the wrench. No, not as a friendly, Handy Manny, “Hey Mom, can I help you fix something around here?” No, but to have even more weapons of minimal destruction to wield.

Then comes the lightsabers he clips on the the waistband and pockets of his jeans. Oh, and the flashlight, which he thinks is the closest thing to a real lightsaber ever. As you may guess, buckling into the car seat now presents a problem. Using the bathroom takes some thinking as well. And public restrooms? I stand outside the stall while he hands over weapon after weapon…it’s like a scene from some action packed comedy where the hero has to unload at least two dozen weapons in order to walk through security. At least other mommies are getting a good laugh.

And me? I kinda like having a personal body guard all the time. There’s not a salesclerk in the county that doesn’t rush to show me some attention when he sees I have a fully armed, fully loaded four year and I’m not afraid to unleash him.



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  1. I just read your “shushed” article. I love to hear others perspectives, and advice from seasoned moms. The BEST advice, or solace I received was from a seasoned mom in my ward in AZ. I was pacing the halls showing my 16 mo old the pictures of Jesus as we circled the chapel during Sacrament meeting. This sister followed me out with her child who was just younger than mine. An older woman had passed this on to her, and she passed it to me: “The church is true; even in the hallways”. Such a simple testimony that through my frustrations with my 4th child I hadn’t grasped previously. Well… duh it’s true. And in those hallways my little children learned who Jesus was, that he is our friend and brother. Having the simple new perspective from this sister helped me realize that although ‘I’ might not be getting everything I would like to get from my 3 hour block, my children were learning good habits, and getting to know their Savior. And that day my testimony grew more than if I had been sitting in the meeting.

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