Lesson Notes


Why don’t I ever learn my lesson?

When I toss a stick of butter into the microwave to soften and I accidentally push in 22:22 instead of :22, I will NOT remember to take it out in “just a sec.” Why don’t I just push “clear” and reset it?? Is that really so hard? It’s a lot less time consuming than cleaning up a 1/2 cup of melted butter out of the microwave, I can tell you that.

When I put something on top of the car to have a free hand to buckle in a child, I will NOT remember to get it before pulling out of the driveway. I will run over it. (By the way, Paul has refused to buy me another iPhone if that happens again.)

When I slide in a cookie sheet full of butter slathered garlic bread under the broiler and don’t set the timer, because, after all, I’m right here in the kitchen preparing the pasta, I’m sure I’ll remember….it WILL burn.

When something is stuck, jammed, or appears to be broken, forcing it, or better yet, hitting it WILL break it. Every time. Why can’t I remember these simple laws of physics?!

I’m always letting my kids make mistakes and learn the hard way. My motherly wisdom tells me these are small price tags to pay for kids who won’t repeat the same errors twice.

That is, unless they take after me.



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  1. the french bread one gets me regularly, and once I left my precious leather bound franklin day planner on top of my car- which happened to also serve as my wallet (money, ID inside), but (knock on wood) I have never had the butter in the microwave problem. That sounds nightmarish.

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