Oh My Bosch


He loves me. He really, truly loves me.

After burning out the motor of my wonderful Kitchen-Aid, twice, my wonderful hubby saw fit to buy me a Bosch mixer for Christmas. A real, genuine, bona fide Bosch. Like a new bride who can’t stop staring at her left hand, I can’t stop staring at my kitchen countertop. There she sits, enchanting…Gleaming with all of the glamor of an F grade, colorless, princess cut.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bosch Mixer, it is the coup de gras of all mixers. Featuring 800 watts of solid German engineering, it is the Porsche of kitchen appliances. You hear that sound? That’s her purring 3 loaves worth of whole wheat dough into glutenous perfection without breaking a sweat. That’s her not walking off my kitchen counter, threatening my wood floors. That’s her motor not burning. My, she’s yar.

Just to put it in perspective, my parents know a couple who spends 3 months of the year living out of their RV. What’s the one appliance she takes with her on the road, to see her through the thick and thin of a long trip away from home? Her Bosch.

So far we’ve made bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies. My loving hubby even splurged on the not-included special cookie paddles that somehow manage to render “the fluffliest cookie dough ever!” (Andy.) He saw them fluff their magic at the demo while perusing the Bosch dealership and just had to have them. (Yes, I said dealership. I told you it was the Porsche of appliances.) I’m getting all verklempt just thinking about it.

The Bosch is pricey, and I don’t mean to say that money buys love. It doesn’t. But I think the people at Bosch could market and sell these things in large, velvet, flip top boxes, don’t you?



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  1. You will absolutely LOVE this machine. I had my mom’s old one (she got in when I was a baby) after I got married and used it for another 9 years (32 years of daily/weekly) use and never a problem. When it finally mixed it’s last batch– my husband went and bought me a new one. I have the red edition with silver bowl. Such a great investment and worth every penny. You will be happy to find that you can easily mix 5 loaves of dough in your new best friend.

  2. Mine is 13 years old (we bought one with ZCMI wedding money for $250 from some guy selling them out of his Y Mount apartment. He won three somehow and was selling them and was thrilled for the ZCMI cash) And I was SO excited! My mother had one. My grand mother had one. All three are still in working condition. They are amazing. Welcome to the Bosch club :).

  3. LUCKY!!!!! I’m so jealous! My Kitchen Aid did walk off the counter, and it hasn’t been the same since. 😦 I keep meaning to take it to the repair shop to see if they can fix it. My super handy husband has already tried… As soon as we have the money, we’re totally buying a Bosch!

  4. Too funny–a velvet box indeed! With a Bosch in tow, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve finally “arrived” — welcome to the gleeful world of gluten wonder!

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