A Store Story


I just want one store that has everything I like. Just one. Like whatever “the general store” was to the folks back in the Old West. I know every chain tries to be that “one store” by making themselves “super” and all, but sadly, they’re not. My taste and likes are just too particular.

Today I had to go to five different stores to get everything on my list. No wait, six. First I went to Target because they carry the kind of dress pants Andy likes (his current ones look like floods.) It was a “Super Target” so I figured I could check off the rest of my list while there. Right? Wrong. They didn’t carry the kind of shampoo I like, or the exact shade of lipstick in a particular brand I was trying to find. So then I went to Walmart. A Super Walmart, mind you.

They had the shampoo, and the lipstick in the right shade, but not the kind of lunch meat that the kids like in their sandwiches, or the the hormone free milk we all prefer at a reasonable price. For that I had to go to Costco. Costco had the lunch meat and the milk, but they now no longer carry my favorite Olay Face Cleansing Cloths in bulk, so I had to stop at the Right Aid on my way home for those.

But none of these institutions had the garage door opener thingy I was looking for, so I had to go to Home Depot for that. And then, of course, an exclusive visit to the Scouting Office because Andy has graduated from the Wolf Pack and needed his new Bear neckerchief and book. Whew!

Luke and Dean were true sports through it all. Dean didn’t even conk out in my arms until the last stop. I think that kid’s weight doubles when he closes his eyes.

So here’s my question. Am I just too darn picky? Do I even save any money by buying my milk exclusively at Costco? I mean, when you factor in the extra gas it takes to get there, not to mention the chicken bakes and hot dogs we splurge on while there….Should I just shampoo with universal dish soap, buy the school lunches and be done in one stop?

Well, I’m sure once I lowered my fussy food standards and settled in on just one store, my neighborhood would break ground on a new Whole Foods, or a Sprouts, or dare I even say it…a Trader Joe’s and unhinge my grocery shopping madness all over again.

(Sigh) One can only hope…


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  1. i hear ya. just last week in addition to my regular 5 stops, i had to go to whole foods, a goat farm in draper, and good earth.

    *are we related, maybe even distantly? i’m convinced we must share some common gene.

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