Life’s a Party


We spent all day yesterday with aunts, uncles, and lots and lots of cousins from Paul’s side of the family. The big cousins went skiing, the little ones went sledding. Out for pizza, back home for more pizza, chips, cookies, and eggnog. We all (about 30+ people) played the Ninento Wii game Just Dance 2 up on the big screen for hours. We played hilarious board games, stayed up until midnight, and counted down the ball in Times Square with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest on the hour. Happy New Year!

But as Paul and I were gathering up our coats, boots, and sleepy head little boys, Kate exclaimed,

“What? We’re leaving? But we haven’t even had the New Year’s Eve party yet!”

What kind of ultra-mega-fun fantasy life is Kate living so that she can’t even tell the difference between a regular day and a 12 hour long New Year’s Eve bash?? I can assure you a common, favorite catchphrase around these here parts is, “I’m bored.” But for some reason, hours and hours of games, festival foods and family fun didn’t add up to what her mind had pictured as an adequate New Year’s Eve party.

Tonight we will write up our New Year’s resolutions. Per tradition we will weigh and measure everyone (my least favorite part. Why is this a tradition again?) recount the top 10 family events of 2010, review last year’s goals, and draw up a new list of goals for 2011. This year’s list will be sure to include:

Create, appreciate and be responsible for our own fun.

That, along with:

A 30 day candy detox
Saying yes to a soda pop free way of life
Going to bed on time, and
Deleting all computer games from our hard drives

But we are putting some serious thought into investing in a Wii in 2011. That Just Dance game was seriously too fun!




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  1. i feel your pain with kate’s comment! that kind of comment from my own kids has me saying, well we should’ve stayed home and eaten a salad, since apparently you can’t tell that from a party!

    **i was extremely anti-wii (and still sort of am) but we got one on the condition that it was to be played as a family, no more than once a week during the school year. so far, that balance makes it actually fun (beatles rock band, especially)

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