Home sweet home. I’ve never been so glad to hunker down with my favorite people and sit out a storm.

We returned home yesterday after a wonderful visit with family, via a long drive. The icy highways, the snow and the wind…it was enough to make me pledge to never drive again until spring. But of course, when we pulled into our own driveway, the weather had abated to just a drizzle of rain. So of course, I grabbed my purse and took off for the store to do the kind of fridge restocking needed after a long trip.

Well, sans kids, I took my sweet, sweet time strolling up and down each aisle, mentally menu planning and hunting down bargains. But when I checked out and exited through those automatic doors, I walked out into a veritable blizzard!

Now, we live on a bit of a hill. A steep hill. Okay, a mountain, if you will. And my little minivan turned into that proverbial engine that could, huffing and puffing, struggling to inch it’s way up the 85 degree slope. I slid and fishtailed in the darkening twilight until I had to pull over, my lonely heart pumping. If someone had offered to trade in their sled dog team for my car at that moment, I would’ve taken it.

Thankfully, a snow plow was ten minutes behind me, and I was able to reverse and slide out of the slushy mess I was in and inch my way up the remaining part of the mountain in first gear, until finally…home sweet home! Sigh.

The storm promises a horrific reprise later today, so I’ve declared it a hunker down day. Paul is working from home and we plan on playing hookie from all other obligations that require leaving the premises in a motorized vehicle until our tulips break ground.

My mother, who has managed to spend her sixty plus winters in nothing but sunny, warm climates, has always dreamed of being snowed in. In her mind, she imagines herself knitting by a warm fire, reading back issues of Living magazine, finally getting to do all of those cozy things a sunny, busy schedule doesn’t allow.

Unfortunately, for me, that means scrubbing down the bathrooms.

Let it snow, let it snow!


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