While on his week long business trip through Asia, Paul was asked by a perfect stranger in a Taiwanese cafe,

“Hey, are you that guy from The Mummy?”

The Brendan Fraser comparison lives on.

The kids have decided that “playing in the snow attire” and “running monotonous errands in the snow attire” are two very, very different things. The first requires, boots, bibs, mittens, the works. The second? Bare feet, shorts and t-shirts are adequate. “But Mom! We are just going from the warm house, to the warm car, to the warm store and back. We can handle just fine the in between bits in the parking lots.”

So you can imagine the Ground Hog Day-like debates we have in the foyer on our way out the door…

And me? I’m the Christmas Break Cruise Director. My little passengers aboard the SS Winter Euphoria expect each and every day to be filled with magic, cookies, snowmen, sledding, hot wassail, Christmas specials…you name it.  And there are still 11 days of magical holiday break to go!

To all you homeschooling mothers out there, I doff my hat.


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