Super Hero


I never thought Christmas would take on a Super Hero theme for us, but during church services, Paul was showing Luke some paintings and depictions of scripture stories to keep him quiet. Quite a few of the illustrations were painted by the famous American artist Arnold Friberg, whose signature style was to depict the ancient prophets as part time body builders.

(Paul confessed, he would have loved to have commissioned the late artist to memorialize him playing with his children, merrily throwing them up in the air with sculpted, bulging biceps.Oh, that we could all be memorialized by Mr. Friberg.)

Anyways, Luke was loving the manly, strong figured artwork. Then came the paintings of the Savior, by other artists, healing the sick and walking on water. When Luke looked at the water one, he stared up at Paul and asked,

“Is Jesus a Super Hero?”

Well, surely not in the cape wearing traditional sense, but in every other sense, is he not the ultimate super hero? So we said,

“Yes. He is the hero of heroes.”

May this be a super season of giving for us all.



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  1. LOVE IT! Boys see the world in their own way and I can’t get enough of it. Good thing since we just had our 4th boy! Long live princess Elizabeth! She will be our only girl in the end and I am so glad to have at least one girl. I need your address for cards. Send it to me. xo

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