Still Here


No, I haven’t abandoned my post. (Pun very much intended.) We moved this week and it’s been a little chaotic around here. The internet/cable guy doesn’t come until Monday to hook us up, sometime between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Right now I’m stealing a few rare moments on Paul’s laptop with his fancy shmancy at&t/follow you around the globe from space, wireless usb stick.

When I’m not begging Paul for a minute on his computer, I’ve been unpacking and addressing Christmas cards. Not at the same time of course. That would be hazardous. Last year, a year in which I was not pregnant and my brain was intact, I received more than one email from close friends telling me thank you for the lovely Christmas envelop I was so good as to send their way. I had forgotten to insert the cards! That simply cannot happen again.

Fear not, I’ve been keeping a ledger full of blog worthy topics and material, waiting for my computer to quicken with life and an internet connection. You can expect a new jams and pickles post from me on Monday. Sometime between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

(Right now Dean is getting into my 12 hour StayLast lipstick. Color: Crimson. It was my futile hope it would make me look like Andy McDowell at the Christmas party tonight, but seeing it smeared across Dean’s sweet lips is now making me think, “clown.”)

Merry Christmas!


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