Sugar Lows


You know when you’re encouraging your kids to please take a few bites of corn dog and pizza as their dose of something healthy for the day, it’s going to be a long Halloween weekend.

I don’t remember Halloween lasting this long, do you? It’s still a good 48 hours away, and already my kids have donned their costumes three times to various events and parties. It’s one thing to indulge for a day. Bring it on. But a week?

Hyperglycemia set in last night at the school carnival and now we’re off to yet another party this afternoon. I know, I know. I’m the gatekeeper. I can say no. But how do I refuse my children attendance at their own classroom parties? The school carnival I agreed to volunteer at? The church social the youth put together for the kids? A fabulous Harry Potter themed extravaganza at a friend’s house on the one Friday they don’t have school?

I can’t. Instead I just offer them the party’s corn dogs and pizza, encourage them to split the doughnut with someone (okay, me) and serve up plenty of celery and carrot sticks when we get back home.

Now I’ve got to go dig up something for Harry and Hermione to wear to this thing.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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