Me Too


Today I made a batch whole wheat pancakes to satisfy a small army of tots whom were left to my charge as a snack. They turned out golden and sweet and when I flipped them onto their paper plates, they were perfect golden circles, ready to eat. They dug in.

Then Luke said,

“I want butter on mine!”

This statement started a chorus of, “Me toos!”

Once the butter was generously slathered I sat down.

“I want syrup on mine!”

“Me too!” “Me too!”

The sticky syrup I was trying to avoid won out over the loud “Me toos” and I poured round the plates. I sat down.

“I want mine cut up!”

“Me too!” “Me too!”

I got up, did my best Zorro impression with the pizza cutter and sat back down. Again.

A moment of peace…

“I want more please!”

“Me too!” “Me too!”

Then I looked at the sweet baby girl I was watching, not yet old enough to indulge in pancakes and thought,

“Me too.”



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