“Blustery” is such a great word. It’s so… “Winnie the Pooh.”  It’s the only word adequate to describe our current weather. Fall is in full force now. Winter is fast on our heels.

This morning we woke up to snow. Just a dusting. Like powdered sugar on French Toast. It’s melted now, but I can’t help but chuckle at what a difference living through one true winter makes.

Last year was our first snow filled winter. The only shoveling we ever did before that was at the beach. But when those first few flakes fell 12 months ago, you would’ve thought it was Christmas morning!

“Ah! Snow, snow!! Let go outside and touch it! Let’s make a snow man, let’s have a snowball fight, let’s roll around in it like dogs!”

This morning the kids looked out the window and literally groaned.

“Snow? Already? It won’t snow on Halloween, will it? Oh, please say it won’t. Ugh.”

Welcome to the winter of our discontent.

But once we had on our heavy coats and were walking to school, both Andy and Kate started to think about all the other things that Jack Frost brings in his mixed bag.

“Mom, can we have hot chocolate after school today? With marshmallows? And hot soup for dinner? And what about candy canes? Could you put some candy canes in our hot chocolate too? You know how we like that. And a fire in the fire place?”

You can only feel cozy when it’s blustery outside.


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  1. I like the word blustery too. On overcast days, with the wind blowing and rain or snow hitting the windows, it just feels great to be inside my warm house. It makes me feel grateful for central heating! And it’s even better if you don’t have to be anywhere and can just stay inside and keep warm. Bliss.

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