Luke Liners


You gotta love having a four year old hanging around the house. I wish I had a tape recorder going all day long to capture how he phrases his world views. Here are just a few I can remember from this week.

On resolving conflict:

After a scuffle with Andy and Kate, “Mom, can we give Andy and Kate away? We could just give them to the thrift store, then somebody else could buy them.”

After yet another scuffle with Andy and Kate, I wrapped him in a big hug and told him, “They must not realize just how special you are.” His reply: “I know! I’m the most specialest one in this family!”

On sports:

He begged his dad for Kung Fu lessons. But when he learned Paul would not be his Kung Fu “coach,” the deal was off. (Paul is the resident coach for everything around here.) Paul explained, “But, Luke. I don’t know Kung Fu.”

“That’s okay Dad. I already know everything. I’ll teach you!

On religious study:

“Luke, can you tell me what fasting is?” Paul asked during morning family scripture study.

“It’s eating really, really fast so you’re not late for school.”

On love:

“I love you, Luke.”

“I know!! You tell me like a bazillion times a day!”

“Do you love me?”

“Well, I love you, but then I don’t like you at all, then I love you again all in the same day!”



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