Buckled Up


Yesterday our family was loaded up in the minivan when Paul flipped on the radio.

“Dad, this isn’t a good song.” preached my adorable 8 year old.

“What makes it so bad?” I inquired, curious.

“Well, I saw just a small part of this girl’s music video,” (at this point dear reader, I was petrified. I don’t watch MTV, but I’m not naive. WHAT did he see in this girl’s music video? WHERE did he see this girl’s music video. And WHY on earth was he watching this girl’s music video??)

“…and she was singing while standing up in a moving convertible, unbuckled! Do you know how dangerous that is?”

Through tears of relieved laughter, I asked, “Anything else?”

“Yes. Her shorts were too short.”

“Well, you’re right Andy. That is dangerous. A girl like that should definitely not be our example and role model.” I validated. I looked at Paul, he looked at me, and we exchanged that knowing glance that says, “Man, we lucked out.”

Andy, Andy, Andy. You are so sweet, sometimes I want to squeeze the stuffing out of you.

I hope a few years from now when you’re a teenager and I’m a mother of a teenager, you’ll still want to buckle up and be safe.

Oh, be safe.

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  1. Margaret.. You entertain me as always!! Love to read your post!! they are so enlighting and humerous.. did i spell that right?? remember Art major here!!
    love you!!

    • so flattered you are reading them! I am finally refinishing my kitchen table and chairs today because they are ugly craigslist finds and need a touch up. What kind of fabric would you recommend recovering the chair cushions with? Remember, I need “wipe clean” capabilities. 1 year of “easy to clean” faux suede has left them decimated. Help.

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