Give Me 5


You have no idea how hard it’s been not to blog about this sooner. Such news. So much material for comedic writing, and I’ve kept silent. But I saw el doctor yesterday and he confirmed what my 8 dollar test told me months ago: we are expecting our fifth baby this spring!

A few weeks ago Andy and Kate suggested a big Disneyland, Sea World, Zoo tour this summer. When I told them this summer might not work out because we might have a brand new baby to take care of, their response was classic:

“A new baby? But…but what will happen to Dean?!”

“What do you mean, what will happen to Dean? He’ll still be part of our family.”

“We know, but if you have a new baby, then Dean won’t be your baby anymore. He won’t be special. He’ll just be like the rest of us: a regular kid,” pointed out the rank and file members of our growing family.

“Now, I know that as a baby of the family, one is imbued with a certain amount of extra cuteness and cuddliness, but you’ve all had your turn. It’s the circle of life,” I tried to explain.

Even though they’ve each had their special time of being “my baby,” Dean has simply had more cognizant witnesses of his babyhood, and my kids are sweet enough to mourn the loss of it for him.

Now that the idea of a new baby has taken root, they are all very excited. Kate, Luke and Paul think it’s a girl. Deep down Andy thinks it’s a girl too, but he says he’s hoping for another boy, just so that if it is indeed a boy, he won’t be born into a dissappointed, we-wanted-a-girl family. “Somebody has to root for him.” That’s just one of the things that makes Andy a great big brother.

And me? Oh, I’ve been experiencing the usual nausea and exhaustion that comes with the territory. My body’s become one big science experiment. I’m famous for craving something, buying it in bulk, taking one bite, and then being disgusted by it the next day.

My usual healthy “no white sugar, no white flour” policy does not sit well with this baby and I’ve become uncharacteristically okay with consuming large amounts of white starch, cream and soda pop.

In fact, I don’t know how most mommies manage to keep their pregnancy under wraps for so long. Anyone even mildly observant would take one look at my gusto over a plate of chicken pot pie, and my sudden aversion to fruit, and know something was up. I’ve been showing since that “first morning stream” and my body involuntarily turns to lead after 4pm. I may as well fess up now before weird rumors about my health begin to circulate.

So, number five. I’m just going to take it one day at a time. For instance, today my biggest tasks are playing with my current babies (Luke and Dean,) squeezing in a nap, and choosing which craving to indulge. What’s that, Baby? Something with lots of chocolate, butter and almonds you say? Done.

“Hey Luke and Dean, do you guys want to make almond roca today?”

It’s okay, because I’ll find this all repulsive by tomorrow morning anyways.


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  1. Hello Margaret,
    Just wanted to say congratulations! I have 5 children as well (now ages 13-25) and we still have a great fun time just hanging out. I wouldn’t change it for the world -except maybe to have added a sixth in there somewhere!

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