Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dean-O


There are several milestones in a baby’s life that forever change the rhythm and routine of  the home. For example, when they become mobile, learn how to unbuckle, crawl out of their crib, etc…

Dean has reached a new milestone this month: opening the refrigerator. He’s unstoppable. Every time I come down the hall and round the corner, I can hear the hum of the motor keeping things cool humming a bit too loudly. And there he is, his little body hidden by the colossal door with only his little feet to give him away.

“Quesadilla, Mom! Quesadilla!”

And then he steps up onto the ledge of the fridge and pulls down the tortillas, then the cheese. I know the next stop can only be the stove, so I snatch up the ingredients and beat him to it. Soon, quesadillas are served.

Not fifteen minutes later, he pulls open the suctioned door again. This time it’s apples he wants. Then cheese sticks. Then butter. Is this fish marinating in here? Hmmm, looks interesting. Nothing’s off limits.

He returns to that once unopenable door of delights repeatedly throughout the day, just hoping something new and interesting will have magically appeared in there since the last time he muscled opened the frigid seal. What to eat, what to eat…

Honestly, I don’t know where he learned such behavior. Kids do pick up the darndest things…


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  1. That’s why my friend put a lock on her fridge! Her adorable little boys emptied every condiment onto the floor! They are just too cute, aren’t they!?!? At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves, right?

  2. I put all cheese sticks and yogurt at eye level for that reason. It’s like it’s like a beacon to the kids eyes “pick me! Pick me!” They almost always DO pick the yogurt and/or cheese sticks and leave the marinating bag of chicken alone…but that’s just my kids. I’ve got another coming up in ranks soon that I’ll have to go through the test. I hope he passes.

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